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February 2003


Editorial: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease
By Catherine Clyne

Activist Fashion
Message T-shirts: Retail Therapy?
By Rachel Cernansky

Animal Rights Stuff: It’s not Just a T-shirt!
Wildlife Works: “Consumer Powered Conservation”
Herbivore: A Small Company with a Big Voice
Hippoworks is the Hippest!
Five-star Baby Wear by Sage Creek Naturals!

Get Ready for BeaverPower!

American Apparel: Stellar Wholesaler
TreeTap: “Vegetal” Leather
Take a Stroll Down Vegan Street
Mall-Hopping Online

My Ten Year Love Affair with Vegetarian Shoes
By Claudette Silver

Celebrity Nuggets

Otsu Vegan Style
The Satya Interview with Yvonne Chen and Jeremy Crown

Straight From Baghdad
Statement by Denis J. Halliday

Vegetarian Advocate: McDonald’s Tries to Shaft Vegetarians... Again
By Jack Rosenberger

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