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February 2003
Animal Rights Stuff: It’s not Just a T-shirt!



API’s Nicole with baboon buddy

With dozens of hip designs to choose from, animal rights activists who wear their causes on their sleeves no longer have an excuse for being unfashionable.

Owned and operated by activist Leslie Craine, Virginia-based Animal Rights Stuff is message-wear for men, women and kids, in all sizes, shapes and colors, for all sorts of animal issues. What’s really great is the women’s T-shirts and tank tops are designed to fit the female body—no knee-length, potato-sack tents passed off as Tees here! Another cool thing is that animal activists (some of them Satya contributors!) model the clothes.

For fur-wearers, flash them the little fox captioned by: “Fur Trim: is still fur and still cruel so don’t buy it thank you.” (Women’s fitted Tee in hot pink, blue or white, $17.95; or baseball-style, $18.95.) There’s a similar one for leather-wearers: a Holstein with “Leather stinks. Animals are not fabric. Wear your own damn skin. Thank you.” (Women’s Tee in white, lime or aqua; and baseball-style.)

For those who don’t “get” the problem with vivisection, try the “Against Animal Testing” baseball Tee (white body; black sleeves): a cute blue rat is accompanied by a quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe—“It’s a matter of taking the side of the weak against the strong, something the best people have always done.” (Can you think of a clever come-back to that one?)

If someone asks if you eat fish after telling them you’re veg, you can keep “Against Fishing” handy—a happy fish encircled by: “Fish are vertebrates. They have a central nervous system. Fish feel pain. Hooking and suffocating them is cruel.” The black and green ink on an aqua T-shirt is a pretty combo, and very eye-catching (other colors available).

If you’re somewhat skeptical about all this, Bruce Friedrich of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals swears by his “Ask me why I’m vegan” Tee (blue ink on white), which he says is the “most effective message Tee I wear by far.”

For a more subtle tact, check out the cool vegan “logo” wear: a selection of simple designs of the V-word—white block-letters in a small oval on a black tank is a Satya favorite. Another fave is the minimalist “Bunny Hugger” with a pink bunny wedged between green letters. Since it’s mid-winter, the soft long-sleeve version in black was practically fought over. Bunny huggers can get them in T-shirts and tanks too; and be sure to check out the kids’ version—too cute!

Stepping up the style is the new v-neck, army-green “AR: Animal Rights” soccer Tee, featuring a slick oval logo in black ink (unisex $24.95). Add one of the messenger bags—black or gray with the AR logo ($17.95), or black with the word vegan stitched in yellow ($21.95)—and you’ll really be stylin’.

T-shirt prices range from $16 to $19 (plus shipping). Be sure to look through the “Clearance” section where T-shirts are going for $10. A portion of all sales are donated to a different nonprofit animal group each month. AR Stuff is currently featuring original color prints by activist and artist Amanda Moeckel, including the heart-wrenching “Fear”—depicting two caged, terrified little monkeys ($21.95).

While Animal Rights Stuff gets an A-plus for the variety of designs and messages and high marks for overall mission, and while some of the shirts are labeled “Made in America,” none are indicated as sweatshop-free. For Tees that raise awareness about animal cruelty and promote a compassionate lifestyle, how they were made and by whom should be a concern. The people who make Animal Rights Stuff are animals too.

Order online at or call (703) 860-9633. —C.C.


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