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February 2003
Five-star Baby Wear by Sage Creek Naturals!



Sage Creek Naturals
Eli (left) and Sadie, wearing a fleece vest from Sage Creek Naturals

I admit it—we just went gooey-eyed over the clothes from Sage Creek Naturals. They’re so darn cute, so darn soft, and so darn eco-friendly.

This family-owned Canadian company makes 100 percent organic cotton baby clothes and bedding. Their hooded jumpsuit in pale gray with baby blue or pink stripes ($24) is just too adorable. No wonder it’s their most popular item. Made of oh-so-soft jersey-knit cotton, it makes you wish they made them for adults! (Patience…)

They have long-sleeved “Baby Body” suits ($11-$14) that come in natural with sage- or lavender-colored stripes (plus hidden snaps at the bottom). And—of course they have PJ’s! For the little ones—footed PJ’s in soft terry cloth: cream-colored with a cute little boy and girl print on the chest ($24). Plus, cuffed sleepers with prints of critters—dragonfly or ladybug ($24); and a two-piece pajama with bears all over ($23). (Talk about creature comforts!)

Linda Bowen of Sage Creek Naturals says that they work only with fair trade and organic cotton manufacturers. Their literature says the cotton they use is certified as organically grown and processed by the German Agreco, a “well respected and trusted governing body in organics.” But Sage Creek goes the extra mile: the cotton, colors, snaps and zippers they use “are all tested to ensure the absence of contaminants such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals.” And for those who need more proof, copies of tests or certificates are available upon request.

Sage Creek is currently developing a line of handmade fair trade hemp house linens and clothing. Soft cotton overalls and fleecey vests for kids are also in the works. Linda Bowen says they’ll have adult Tees, underwear, pajamas and bed linens in the spring—yay!

On top of all this, Sage Creek supports the World Wildlife Fund and the campaign to stop animal testing, and contributes to the rescue and rehabilitation of primates in testing facilities.

With a company slogan like “tread softly upon the earth, leave only footprints, take only pictures,” Sage Creek Naturals goes above and way beyond. When it comes to quality and ethical consistency, they’re definitely five-star. We’ll be keeping an eye on them as they develop more designs and grow. Visit or call (250) 642-0110 or (866) 598-1400 (toll-free). —C.C.


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