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February 2003
Get Ready for BeaverPower!



Beaver Power

With simply one of the cutest icons I’ve seen, BeaverPower clothes are not only attractive, they communicate a message of a serious and urgent issue—alternative energy. There’s a wide selection of apparel (though, sorry guys, there’s definitely a bias towards women here), starting with your standard T-shirts (both men’s and women’s), simple long sleeve shirts, and women’s tank tops (all $25), to the more “girly” camisoles and baseball Tees. Some of it is modest, comfy loungewear, like the hooded sweatshirt (unisex, $30), while some of it is super sexy, like “the hot short” ($10) and the tube top—and there’s everything in between. The common thread through them all is the almighty, lightning bolt-wielding Beaver sending his message in a direct yet friendly manner—guaranteed to engender curiosity and smiles rather than the dismissive eye-roll. BeaverPower is simply a fun way to spark awareness and discussion of alternative energy and energy conservation.

The BeaverPower goal is simple: to bring “electricity in harmony with nature.” Working to bring attention to solar and wind power, mini hydro-electric and electric cars, and to make these a reality, the company plans to use half of its net profits to install mini hydro-electric generators wherever there is enough water to generate electricity, i.e. beaver ponds. BeaverPower also serves as a professional energy consultant; the sweatshop-free American Apparel company is among its clients.

But they don’t stop there. Unlike too many companies producing environmental message-gear in countries with questionable labor practices and working conditions, BeaverPower is completely sweatshop-free. And it certainly shows in the level of quality—the clothes are so soft. In addition to the above-mentioned items, there’s also an assortment of funky hats ($12-$22) and underwear ($8-$11) available. You’ve just got to see for yourself how groovy BeaverPower is: visit their website,, or call (310) 450-7216. —R.C.


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