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February 2003
Mall-Hopping Online


When you’re shopping for cruelty-free and eco-friendly goods, resources are aplenty, and growing by the day. It’s truly encouraging to see all the progress. We’ve focused this issue on companies actually producing the stuff, but there are a bunch of really great stores that function more as online malls. They don’t make their own stuff, but they all share a similar mission of respecting the animals and leaving a lighter footprint on the earth.—R.C.


(877) 989-6321 (toll-free); or

Pangea:; 2381 Lewis Ave., Rockville MD 20851; (800) 340-1200; or

Vegan Essentials: (online and mail-order only); (866) 88-VEGAN (toll-free); or

Vegan Mercantile:; (877) 376-9056 (toll-free); or


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