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February 2003
Take a Stroll Down Vegan Street



Vegan Street
Vegan Street's baby Justice

Vegan Street is the family owned, Illinois-based Internet company that sells—you guessed it—vegan message wear. Started by long-time vegans John and Marla, Vegan Street serves as a home for dialogue and networking within the vegan community, and provides a wealth of resources, both vegan and otherwise. Trying to live up to the “cruelty-free” ethic more fully, they try to use organic and hemp materials where they can.

Vegan Street is home to the clever “Domestic Terrorist” Tee: an organic cotton shirt with a photo of none other than, yep, Gandhi. My personal Vegan Street favorite: “Vegan Feminist Agitator for Peace” on a black, organic cotton women’s camisole ($22). There’s also the simple message “Eat Your Veggies” with a red tomato print on either a fitted white racer-back tank ($16) or long sleeve Tee ($24). A sure classic for any card-carrying vegan is the really soft, organic cotton/hemp, burgundy shirt flaunting “vegan” in alternating grey and white in the style of a tribal band ($22). For all you gym buffs there’s the “Vegan Gym” tank ($16) with a cow flexing his muscles and lifting a barbell, and a “Vegetarian Planet” hoodie sweatshirt in green with white print ($32). They have some playful T-shirts, like the cow holding out his mug and requesting “Soymilk, Please” on a natural Tee ($19); Tommy Tofudog stepping out in his top hat to say “Grab a bite today” ($19); and a few dealing with GE foods. Another winner is the “Dairy Free” Tee that plays on the famous Dairy Queen logo, and it gets bonus points for being printed on a black, organic cotton/hemp shirt.

Plus, Vegan Street has the cutest baby outfit: an unbleached, organic bodysuit with a turquoise-colored image on the chest of a cow reaching out to lick a Dr. Seuss-looking baby, above the “cow-licky baby” caption.

They also make a handy canvas bag—an organic cotton tote displaying a friendly cow with the message to “Shop with compassion” ($20). They also sell hats, bumper stickers, frisbees… check ‘em out! Visit —R.C.


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