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February 2003
Hippoworks is the Hippest!


Sage Creek Naturals

Without a doubt, Hippoworks takes the cake for best website for socially-conscious apparel. With animated characters like Simon the Hippo and Peep the Bird entertaining you with card tricks and song & dance numbers, it’s certainly a kid-friendly site. But don’t let that fool you, it’s an absolute must-see for all ages. It’s sure to make you smile, yet the whole point of Hippoworks is to educate on pressing issues, such as global warming and pesticide contamination. You can send animated E-cards, sign up for the weekly “cartoonlet,” or visit the educational forum on why we should care about the environment.

Then there’s the General Store, which, still in its growing phase, doesn’t have a whole lot for sale, but what they do sell is 100 percent environmentally and socially responsible. The T-shirts, made from organic, unbleached cotton, carry vegetable ink-based, vibrant designs like “The Hippest” Simon wearing his cool shades, or the “Friends” design with two birds embracing each other, celebrating the joy of friendship. They’re all just so darn cute, especially in the kids’ versions ($12.50 youth; $14.50 adult).

Hippoworks sells posters ($12.50) and an adorable cartoon book ($5.50), both printed on a kenaf/recycled paper blend; a really nice, hemp-based, vegan lip balm ($3.50); and the “Peep Unplugged” CD is to be released soon—in the meantime you can hear samples online. Plus, they have a bookmark with seeds in it that will actually sprout if you plant it, and their website’s solar-powered! Visit them online at, or call (212) 706-1383. —R.C


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