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October 2005
May 2005 cover
On the Cover: Preamble to the
Constitution. Photo: © Corbis.

Editorial: Talk About the Weather

Let Freedom Ring
The Satya Interview with Nancy Talanian

Know Your Rights
By the National Lawyers Guild

Bicycling is Not a Crime
The Satya Interview with Bill Di Paola

Remember Our Rights
By Ingrid Newkirk

The Women of Afghanistan: Abandoned
The Satya Interview with RAWA’s ‘Sohaila’

An Inquiry: Is the Bush Administration Guilty of
Crimes Against Humanity?

The Satya Interview with C. Clark Kissinger

A Call to Action: Help End the Genocide in Darfur
By John Morlino

Big Noise: Fair Trade Grows in Kenya
By Rachel Cernansky

Featured Artist: Ideas in Pictures
The Satya Interview with Colin Matthes
By Roshni Koshy

Murder Most Fowl: Gourmet Cruelty Shines a Light on Foie Gras
By Mark Hawthorne

What’s Wrong with Rights?
By Pattrice Jones

Special Tribute
The Passing of a Gentle Warrior: Benjamin White, 1951-2005
By Paul Watson

Ben White: An Extraordinary Activist
By Taffy Lee Williams

Undercover TV: Animal Rights Reality Television
By Mat Thomas

Education that Teaches
Book Review by Maureen C. Wyse

Ocean Lotus Farm
Review by John S. Hall

Franchia: A Midtown Shrine
Restaurant Review by Mia MacDonald

New Yorkers Rejoice! Candle 79 Lights Up the Brunch Scene in the Big Apple
Restaurant Review by Laura Guimond

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