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October 2005
New Yorkers Rejoice! Candle 79 Lights Up the Brunch Scene in the Big Apple
Restaurant Review by Laura Guimond


Weekends in New York City just got more flavorful with the arrival of Sunday brunch at Candle 79. This petite Upper East Side eatery (the upscale “sister” of the legendary Candle Café) recently added a small but diverse Sunday brunch to its delicious vegan offerings. The emphasis here is on organic and locally produced foods, attracting clientele who “are not even remotely vegan” according to manager Francesca MacAaron. They come here for good food. “We are focused on being a great restaurant…that just happens to be vegan.”

Brunch begins when the friendly staff greet guests with tasty mini-muffins. Then the tough decision: Will it be the moist, chewy berry pancakes? Homemade waffles? A delicate, fluffy tofu scramble with seasonal veggies? Or the breakfast burrito, generously stuffed with shredded seitan, tomato, spinach, black beans and rice, served with hot sauce, salsa cruda and tofu sour cream? Talented chef Angel Ramos ensures you can’t go wrong with any of the selections.

Candle 79’s space is calm and classy. On a warm day fresh breezes and street chatter waft through the open doors, adding to the ambience evoked by the mellow music. Brunch is offered prix fixe for $23 (juice or smoothie, selection of brunch or lunch entrée, and dessert) or a la carte ($10-$14). Reservations are recommended.

And if you miss Sunday brunch, enjoy lunch or dinner at Candle 79 seven days a week!

Candle 79 is located at 154 East 79th Street at Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. Sunday brunch is served from 12-4pm. Open Monday-Saturday, 12-3:30pm for lunch and 5:30-10:30pm for dinner; Sundays 5-10pm for dinner. For information call (212) 537-7179 or visit

Laura Guimond works for an international humanitarian aid agency based in Portland, Oregon. A longtime vegetarian and frequent traveler, she enjoys sharing her discoveries with fellow explorers.




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