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October 2004

On the Cover, from Peace Signs:
Artist: Philip Stanton,
Title: We don’t want war,
Organization: Stanton Studios S.L.,
Web site:,
Country: Spain

Editorial: Thinking Differently
By Rachel Cernansky

Editor's Apology

George W. Ketchup

By Kymberlie Adams Matthews

Changing Our World, One Vote at a Time
The Satya Interview with Adrienne Maree Brown

Punk Politics
The Satya Interview with Toby Jeg

Peace Signs: The Anti-war Movement Illustrated
Edited by James Mann with a Forward by Howard Zinn

Bush and the Environment

The Satya Interview with Robert S. Devine

Politics from Across the Pond
The Satya Interview with Harry Ram

The Young, the Pissed Off and the Political
Book Review by Kymberlie Adams Matthews
The Cost of the U.S. Colonial War Against Iraq
By Lenora Foerstel

Preserving the Balance: Understanding the Electoral College

By Beth Gould

Why I’m Voting For Nader

By Joan Zacharias

The Edgar Alan Pig Story
By Pam Ahern

Dismantling Animal Agriculture

Book Review by Mark Hawthorne

In the Mood for Foodswings
Restaurant Review by Sangamithra Iyer

Apple Pickins
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

Action Alert: NYC’s First Annual Animal
Protection Lobby Day

By Dan Piraro



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