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October 2004
Action Alert: NYC’s First Annual Animal Protection Lobby Day

Wednesday, October 13 will be NYC’s First Annual Animal Protection Lobby Day, an exciting day when advocates lobby for animal rights and show our legislators that there is a large and growing political force for animals. Animal Protection Lobby Day is being sponsored by the League of Humane Voters, NYC’s animal protection political action committee, along with In Defense of Animals, Mary Max and the Fund for Animals.

Come and help mobilize public concern for animals through the democratic political process. Campaign for the election of candidates who will work to enact animal rights legislation. Learn how democracy works for animals.

Lobby for Two NYC Bills!
Intro 189 will expand the rights of tenants to have companion animals. It would put a stop to the common practice of landlord and co-op/condo boards prohibiting tenants from adopting a new animal after their current animal companion dies. This bill will help people to continue sharing their lives with companion animals and open up many more homes for animals languishing in shelters.

The bill to ban cruel rodeo practices will allow NYC to join Pittsburgh, PA and Greenburgh, NY in prohibiting inhumane rodeo practices such as bucking straps, electric prods, tail twisting, caustic ointments and spurs, all of which are used to cause great pain and suffering to tame, domesticated animals, forcing them to appear “wild.” Rodeo events such as calf roping, steer wrestling, steer roping, and bronco and bull riding would be banned as well.

NYC Animal Protection Lobby Day
10:00-11:15 am: Welcome and Lobbying Training, downtown Manhattan location near City Hall (exact location to be announced).
11:30 am-12:30 pm: Meetings with City Council members, 250 Broadway, across from City Hall Park.
12:30-1:00 pm: Press conference on the City Hall steps.

Join us in growing a grassroots political movement for animals in NY that will increasingly influence lawmakers to pay attention to the important issue of animal cruelty. There is no longer an excuse for animal rights activists to not be politically organized!

Courtesy of Joyce Friedman of the League of Humane Voters. For more information or to register call 212-889-0303 or visit




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