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October 2004
Peace Signs: The Anti-war Movement Illustrated
Edited by James Mann with a Forward by Howard Zinn


Peace Signs is testimony that the global peace movement is alive and thriving, and that poster art is still a truly powerful medium.

With over 200 posters and graphics from more than 20 countries, Peace Signs is an inspiring collection of the genius, creativity, diversity and passion of the international movement against the war on Iraq. Clever colorful posters and startling black and white graphics convey compelling messages of peace, outrage, grief and political dissent. All images are copyright-free and readers are encouraged to reproduce and distribute “for any not for profit manner.”

Peace Signs reminds us that the world stood—and still stands—together against the U.S. occupation of Iraq. With 208 pages of 9” x 17” color and black and white posters, at $35, the inspiration derived is well worth the price.

Peace Signs is available from Edition Olms for $35. See to learn more.

Artist: John Leach
Title: Empty Warheads
Country: U.K.



Artist: Matthew Marin
Title: Let the Good Times Roll
Organization: Villa Maria College of Buffallo, NY
Country: U.S.


Title: Sanctioned, Invaded, Occupied
Country: U.S.

Artist: Mark Vallen
Title: Not Our Children, Not Their Children
Country: U.S.



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