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March 2001

Editorial: Spin Doctors Need Surgery—Brain Surgery, That is
By Catherine Clyne

Soap-Boxing with Satya: Readers Sound Off on Contentious Issues

What do we Really Know About AIDS?
By Christine Maggiore

Animal Welfare: Another Face of Cruelty?
By Joyce Friedman and Peter McKosky

Circumcision: A Violent Ritual in Search of a Rationale
By J. Steven Svoboda

Listening to My Generation: A Personal Account of the Palestinian- Israeli Conflict
By Jean Thaler

Coronation Of A Killer
By Michael Clyne


Abortion and Animal Advocacy
By Beth Gould

Getting Our Acts Together
By Norm Phelps

There’s No Such Thing as a “Bad” Protester
By David Becker and Nicole Raucana

Second Thoughts on the Animal Activism Approach
By Emily Weissman

Unleashing the Backlash Battle
By Margaret Betz Hull

Arguing Against Vivisection: Science or Ethics?
By Patrick Kwan

Oh God: For Nonhuman Animals, Religion Stinks
By Jack Rosenberger

The Hemp Scandal
By Angela Starks





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