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March 2001
Soap-Boxing with Satya

Readers Sound Off on Contentious Issues


With any issues or viewpoints—animal advocacy, environmentalism, social justice, vegetarianism—there are bound to be clashes, diametric oppositions, and any number or manner of positions in-between. In an effort to engender dialogue on tough topics, Satya invited readers to share their views by writing an essay on a contentious issue of their choice. The idea is to create a space where people can engage in difficult issues among like-minded individuals.

In response, we received a number of wonderful essays, a selection of which is published in the following pages. Those that couldn’t be squeezed in are posted on our website at

We hope that this will be only the beginning of a more active exchange of views among our readers. With this, we see Satya as a forum for activists, concerned citizens and professionals to share their views and come together to find common ground. Some of the essays are sure to ruffle feathers and we encourage readers to write letters and submit essays so that the dialogue can continue.

Catherine Clyne


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