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September 2001


Editorial: Political Animals
By Catherine Clyne

Connecting the Dots:
The Satya Interview with John Robbins

Taking Compassion to New Levels:
The Satya Interview with Paul Shapiro

War and Peace:
The Satya Interview with Agnes Bauerlein

Ithaca: The Buck Stops Here
By Tracy VanStaalduinen

The Farm: an Intentional Community in Action
By Peter Schweitzer

Bluestockings: Sisters Doing it for Themselves

Vegan Warriors Do It Themselves

Trash Worship

By Rolando, a.k.a Wasteone

From Carnivore to Carnist: Liberating the Language of Meat
By Melanie Joy

Vegetarian Advocate: They Slaughter Horses for Human Consumption, Don’t They?
By Jack Rosenberger

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