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September 2001
Vegan Warriors Do It Themselves



Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer on the origin of their book How it all Vegan!: Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet

We ‘vegan’ in the early 1990s, when we were both lazy vegetarians who occasionally used and consumed animal products. We decided to make the transition to veganism because of our belief in a simple, but important, value: we love and respect animals and the Earth. Once we chose to give up eating all animal products, we discovered—with just a little imagination and some good advice—how easy it was to go vegan.

We all choose veganism for different reasons. Maybe it’s a fervent belief in animal rights. Perhaps it’s a desire to try a healthier diet. Whatever the reason, you can be vegan and still eat wonderful food. And veganism is not something to be afraid of. There is a popular belief that by removing animal products from one’s diet, food will become necessarily boring, a life of dining on grass and shrubs. But let us assure you: Vegan food is fabulous food, full of flavor and all the nutrients you need.

In the winter of 1996 we came up with the idea of collecting our vegan recipes in a zine-style cookbook that we could share with our families and friends. We slaved over the computer, spending countless hours typing and organizing our recipes, putting great love and care into our project. We printed and bound the books ourselves and went about giving them away as gifts and selling them where we could at cost. This little book then began to snowball, selling like vegan hotcakes wherever we went. Then a light bulb went on: Let’s go legit! So we shopped for a publisher and the rest is history.

Reprinted with permission from How It All Vegan!: Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer (Arsenal Pulp Press, 1999). To order a copy, visit or call Arsenal Pulp Press at 888-600-PULP.


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