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June/July 2006

Thank You
Mark Hawthorne’s article “Confessions of a Sensitive Activist” [May 2006] was very touching. I wish I had the opportunity to free any one being, but I have not yet had the chance. I have thought about how these people can do it, so that was interesting to read about...but I would have been crying as well... It’s horrific.
Thanks for a great article!

Kristy Lynn
Via email

In the Satya interview with Jacinta Mack, manager of Integral Yoga Natural Foods [April 2006], Ms. Mack states that they do not carry “any animal derived ingredients that come from the killing of animals.” However, they do “carry milk and dairy.” Commercial dairy production inherently entails the killing of animals: female cows are continually impregnated in order to produce milk, and their newborn babies are taken from them within hours or days after their birth. The male calves are either killed at that time for low-grade “bob” veal or confined to veal crates and killed at a few months of age. The female dairy cows are killed when productivity declines, usually at four to six years, a mere fraction of their 20 to 25-year lifespan. One line of products [Integral Yoga carries], Stonyfield Farms, even states on their website, “bull calves and culled cows (due to illness, age, lack of production) are transported via truck out of state to a veal operation or slaughterhouse.”

The only way for Integral Yoga Natural Foods to be consistent with the humane and nonviolent ethic they espouse is to discontinue the sale of dairy products.

Lynn Halpern
Golden, Colorado


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