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Summer Double Issue
June/July 2006

Nov 2005 cover
On the Cover: Thembi Ngubane.
Photo by Melikhaya Mpumela

Editorial: Just Noise
By Catherine Clyne
Sifting through the noise to find inspiring stories

Thembi’s Story
The Satya Interview with Thembi Ngubane
Find out what happens when you give a South African teenager a tape recorder and a microphone

Behind the Scenes
The Satya Interview with Joe Richman
Meet the producer behind Radio Diaries

Justice Served on a Hot Plate
The Satya Interview with Vera Ngassa and Beatrice Ntuba
Two women challenging traditions and serving justice in Cameroon

Witness Through a Camera Lens
The Satya Interview with Kim Longinotto
Documenting a wide array of controversial women’s issues

Darfur in Brooklyn
By Sangamithra Iyer
A reflection on Darfur and those rallying for peace near and far

A Rebel Walks out for Peace
The Satya Interview with Tadjadine Bechir Niame
Find out why rebel groups rejected the recent Darfur peace deal

Kids in Conflict: When Children Become Soldiers
The Satya Interview with Jimmie Briggs
A journalist’s six-year journey exploring the lives of child soldiers

Coming Home
The Satya Interview with Nina Berman
A photographer’s mission to show another side of war

The Most Beautiful Place
Film Review by Sangamithra Iyer
Finding Hope in God Sleeps in Rwanda

Exposing Blood Timber
The Grist Interview with Silas Kpanan’Ayoung Siakor
Liberian environmental activist links timber with Taylor

The Elephant Lady
The Satya Interview with Daphne Sheldrick
Rehabilitating and reintroducing orphaned elephants in Kenya

Special Section: Lantern Essay Competition Winners
To the Men in My Family who Love Chickens
By Kao Kalia Yang
Hmong activist shares the story of her family and the chickens they befriended during the Vietnam War

A Green Belt Movement of Its Own Flavor
By Elena Conte
Greening the South Bronx

By Lisa Kemmerer
A reflection on the lives of broiler hens

By Philip Armstrong
New Zealand writer contemplates sympathy after the loss of a rescued hen

The World According to Ian
The Satya Interview with Ian MacKaye
Part 1: Politics and Otherwise
Not just a Minor Threat...a serious—and surprising—conversation with one of punk’s most inspiring figures

Inspiring Education
The Satya Interview with Zoe Weil
Meet humane education pioneer

Peace in a Piece of Land
By Harold Brown
Finding solace in plant-based farming

Rabbit Run
By Christine Morrissey
An Eminem-inspired rabbit rescue

Tune In, Turn On, Go Vegan!
By Mark Hawthorne
Who knew? So much vegan radio on the web

A Seat for the Animals
The Satya Interview with Frank Padavan
By John Phillips
New York’s animal-friendly state senator

Our Pal Al?
Film Review by Catherine Clyne
Examining An Inconvenient Truth

Red Bamboo’s in the Brooklyn Hood
Restaurant Review by Maureen C. Wyse
Fort Greene’s new veggie heaven

I Scream for Ice Cream
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg
Wild and weird vegan summer treats

A Simple Sweet Summer Treat
Recipe by Louisa Shafia
Fall in love with passion fruit!

Jivamukti: Teaching Peace
By Catherine Clyne
Yoga for the animals and the earth: NYC’s premiere yoga school moves to a new space


By Dan Piraro





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