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June/July 2005
Factory Farm Poster Art

By Maggie Suisman

Dabbling in such mediums as oil, sculpture, film, drawing, and collage, Brooklyn artist Maggie Suisman has claimed acrylic as her main medium. A strict vegetarian since 12, Maggie merges her social views with art to create a powerful graphic fusion. An avid boycotter of fast food chains, shunner of corporate giants like Barnes and Noble and Starbucks, Maggie researches and creatively confronts the injustices inflicted upon innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians, America’s poor and working class, and the growing threats to the environment and reproductive rights.

For her Master of Fine Arts thesis, Maggie Suisman turned her creative eye to the plight of animals, completing a set of nine posters uniquely depicting the agony endured by animals raised for food and the environmental consequences of factory farming. “Where’s the Water?” playfully juxtaposes a cow standing in an over-flowing bathtub with text describing the eye-popping waste of water used to produce one pound of beef. “Have it Your Way” seats a forlorn cow at the head of a table overflowing with food and a description of the tons of crops that are fed into meat production. Maggie’s comprehensive portrayal of the variety of issues is perhaps a fresh alternative to the influential booklet Why Vegan? Here, Satya offers a taste of Maggie Suisman’s clever poster series.

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