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June/July 2005
May 2005 cover
On the Cover: Animal Protest by Dan Piraro, creator of Bizaro. See for details

Editorial: Conference Kerfuffle
By Catherine Clyne

(R)Evolution From Within? New Directions for the Humane Society
The Satya Interview with Wayne Pacelle

Standing Up For Farmed Animals
The Satya Interview with Paul Shapiro

At the Helm of Compassion Over Killing
The Satya Interview with Erica Meier

How the Animal Movement Can Succeed
By Zoe Weil

Racism and the Animal Rights Movement
By Sheila Hamanaka with Tracy Basile

Of Brides and Bridges: Linking Feminist, Queer, and Animal Liberation Movements
By Pattrice Jones

Butterfly Back from the Bus Tour

The Ins and Outs of Combating Vivisection
The Satya Interview with Dr. Theodora Capaldo

Inside the Labs: Cruelty Exposed!
The Satya Interview with Alka Chandna

Fear of Feeling: Trauma and Recovery in the Animal Liberation Movement
By Pattrice Jones

Inside an Open Rescue: Putting a Human Face on Animal Liberation
By Mark Hawthorne

Woodstock’s Farmer Brown
The Satya Interview with Jenny Brown

When They Came for Us
By Kevin Jonas

SHAC 7 Support
By Camille Hankins

The Myth of Free Speech
By Steven Best

Compassion Conquering World Farming
The Satya Interview with Joyce D’Silva

Who Our Food Comes From
By Lauren Ornelas

The Hidden Lives of Animals: The Secret Weapon for Vegan Outreach
By Bruce Friedrich

Factory Farm Poster Art
By Maggie Suisman

Can’t We All Just Get Along?
By J. Asananda

Vegetarian Dadvocate: Raising a Vegetarian Daughter
By Jack Rosenberger

Hot Summer Lovin’
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

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