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April 2004


To read the first volume on Violence and Activism, see our March 2004 issue.
For more on the debate about the use of violence in activism, see the April 1997 issue of Satya.


Editorial: A Steady Diet of Violence
By Catherine Clyne

In Search of Global Justice and Harmony
The Satya Interview with Medea Benjamin

Dying for Change: Self-Sacrifice in Nonviolent Action
By Marianne Arbogast

Weapons Inspectors Convicted

Hear Our Roar: The Black Panther Party, Self-Defense, and Government Violence
The Satya Interview with David Hilliard

Finding Another Way
The Satya Interview with Michael Nagler

Thinking Pluralistically: A Case for Direct Action

By Steve Best

Builders or Plunderers: Which are we?
By Steve Hindi

Is Definition Limiting Our Progress?
By Pulin Modi

The Case Against Vandalism and Violence

By Tom Regan

Our Activism Is Our Ethics and Our Medium Is Our Message
By Michael Markarian and Norm Phelps

Still Evolving
By Michelle Walsh

Doth We Protest Too Much?
By Lawrence Carter-Long

Are You in the Zone?
By Matthew Pascarella

Goal: The Most Effective Activism for Animal Liberation
By Joyce Friedman

Everyday Casualties:Notes from a Yogi’s Journal
By Diane Spodarek

Is Violence Ever Justified?
By Tom McGuire

Dismantling the Politics of Comfort
The Satya Interview with Ward Churchill

Velvet…unite! It’s a Revolution!
By Amy Laughlin

Got Trees?
By Amy Laughlin

A Fanciful Floral Festivity
By Joshua Ploeg

Animal Cruelty Certified
By Paul Shapiro

Vegetarian Advocate: Vegetarians and Violence: The Anarchist Cookbook or the Moosewood Cookbook?
By Jack Rosenberger





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