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March 2004

Editorial: Shades of Grey
By Catherine Clyne

Weathering the Storm
The Satya Interview with Mark Rudd

The Further Invention of Nonviolence
By Kathy Kelly

Malcolm and Martin: Still Teachers of Resistance
The Satya Interview with James H. Cone

HyperActivism: The Phenomenon of Doing Without Achieving
By Henry Spira

Walking the Talk to a Compassionate World
By Gene Bauston

Morality Aside, is Violence an Effective Strategy?
By Michael Greger

Potlucks and Punches: Using Appropriate Actions for Appropriate Circumstances
By Kevin Jonas

Home Demos and Traumatic Knowledge
By Carol J. Adams

Hypocrisy Is Our Greatest Luxury
By Rod Coronado

Looking at the Bigger Pic ture: Violence, Change, and Public Opinion
By Wayne Pacelle and J.P. Goodwin

Opening Doors and Eyes to Animal Suffering
The Abolitionist Interview with Patty Mark

The “Good” Pirate

The Bite Back Interview with Paul Watson

The Baader-Meinhof Gang / Red Army Faction
By Richard Huffman

The Limits of Violence
By Richard Huffman

What is the Earth Liberation Front?

Earth First! of Humboldt County: Tools of the Trade
By Shunka Wakan

What Would Henry Do? Pushing the Peanut Forward
The Satya Interview with Henry Spira, 1995



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