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September 2003


Guest Editorial: Want to Join our Movement of Compassion?
By Zoe Weil

Stopping the Slaughter of Our Next of Kin

The Satya Interview with Karl Amman

A Sanctuary for an Orphaned Forest

By Sangamithra Iyer

Eyes on the Prize: In Africa, Bush was a Busy Bee

By Catherine Clyne

Standing Before History: Ken Saro-Wiwa’s Last Words

May All Be Fed (for a Price)
By Rachel Cernansky

Using the South to Promote Genetic Engineering in Europe—Once Again!

By Tewolde Behran Gebre Egzhiaber

Education for Girls: Seeding the Future in Kenya
By Mia MacDonald

The Healing Power of Soccer: Scoring Goals in Burundi

By Dylan Mathews

Going Fishing? Child Slavery in Ghana

By Monika Parikh

Vegetarian Advocate: When “Meatless” Doesn’t Mean No Animals

By Jack Rosenberger



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