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September 2002


Guest Editorial: Building Bridges in Jail: Crossing the Divide, Empowering the Silent
By Marc Bekoff

The Unity of Oppressions: Vegan Outreach to Progressives

By Alka Chandna

Progressives: Outreach is the Key

The Satya Interview with Michael Albert

Rejecting Dog Stew—It’s About Cruelty, Not Culture

By Miyun Park

Outreach to People of Faith
By Bruce Friedrich

Ooh-Mah-Nee: A Place Where Animals Can Just Be

By Marla Rose

The Truth About Recycled Paper—Making the Right Choice
By Eric Black

Ten Symbols of What’s Right in the World

By Kendra Kerman

Edinburgh: Host of the World Vegetarian Congress

By Rynn Berry

Vegetarian Advocate: What’s so Funny About Murder?

By Jack Rosenberger

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