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October 1999


Editorial: As if Infected Beef Weren't Scary Enough- What's in the Nation's Blood Supply?
By Catherine Clyne
"The recommendation that people who ate British beef nearly 20 years ago not donate blood, speaks volumes."

Show Trial
By Howard Lyman
"I never thought I would become involved in a high profile test of our right to free speech, especially one involving animal law and food activism."

The Satya Interview: Milton Mills on Ethnicity, Milk, and Intolerance
Milton Mills, M.D. is associate director of preventative medicine at the Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine. He has been instrumental in this organisation's campaign to highlight the dairy bias in the U.S.'s Dietary Guidelines.

Beef Bunk and Milk Myths
By Angela Starks
There are plenty of tall tales out there about cows, beef and dairy, most of which we take for granted.

Media Watcher
By Anne Sullivan

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