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October 1996
The Green Agenda

By Candidate Craig Seeman



Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke are Green Party candidates for President and Vice-President. The ticket will be on the ballot in many states, including California. Since states can choose their own candidates, in New York State long-time civil rights activist and Brooklyn resident Muriel Tillinghast will be on the ballot as the vice-presidential candidate and not LaDuke. Nader is rumored to be a vegetarian and LaDuke is a long-time campaigner for human rights, environmental justice, and indigenous peoples' rights. She is supportive of animal rights. Nader is running on a ticket of fighting corporate welfare and for campaign finance reform, as well as civic responsibility and participation. Ever concerned with thinking globally and acting locally, Satya asked Craig Seeman, Green Party candidate for New York State Assembly's 52nd District (Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, parts of Park Slope, Bay Ridge, and Brooklyn Heights) to talk about the Green agenda for his district.

The main thrust of my campaign is community empowerment. I feel that our society has become perilously alienated and is in desperate need of community bonding. The Green Party offers the idea that all things are related to each other in some way, including social, economic and personal issues. One issue I plan to tackle is the transforming of Brooklyn waterfront tiers one to five into park land. I also hope to preserve other areas for park land and playgrounds.

I also support an alternative to the Gowanus Expressway Construction Project. This elevated highway is currently under re-construction and is not expected to be completed for six to 10 years. I propose either tearing down the entire roadway or creating a ground level passage that will link communities. Ideally, I eventually want alternative transportation in Brooklyn, such as zero-emission minivans or buses, in addition to a trolley. I advocate rail transport to help clean up air quality.

In addition to these "green" issues, my platform includes tax reform, improvement of schools, and health and child care reform. I support proportional representation, whereby all minority groups get a fair representation in government. I also support domestic partner legislation, so that gay and lesbian couples get equal economic and social standing in our society. Even if I do not win the election, I will continue to fight for the Brooklyn community's welfare.

For more information about Craig Seeman or the Green Party, please call 718-972-8219. To contact Green Party, U.S.A. about the campaign or national activism, call: 607-756-4211.


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