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October 2006
The Attack on SHAC


Darius Fulmer…12 months, 1 day
Andrew Stepanian…36 months
Josh Harper…36 months
Jake Conroy…48 months
Lauren Gazzola…52 month
Kevin Kjonaas…72 months

These six individuals of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty were found guilty under the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in Trenton, NJ, on March 12, 2006. They were convicted for allegedly trying to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences, the notorious product testing facility. They were all sentenced this September. In addition to prison time and (with the exception of Darius) three years of supervised release, all defendants are ordered to pay a total of $1,000,001 in restitution. The SHAC defendants call on the broader social justice movement to “stand behind these activists in our communal defense of free speech, press and association.” For more information and to learn how to support the defendants while in prison, visit:—M.W.

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