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October 2003


Guest Editorial: The Mango Manifesto
By Claudette Silver

The Buddha Was a Punk Rocker

The Satya Interview with Noah Levine

How Would Nature do it? Finding Solutions with Bioneers

The Satya Interview with Kenny Ausubel

Rebel Yell!
The Satya Interview with Lauren Ornelas

Shaking Things Up: Queer Rights / Animal Rights
The Vegan Voice Interview with Mirha-Soleil Ross
By Claudette Vaughan

Helping America Vote?

By Matthew Pascarella

Making Sense of the Stats: Number of U.S. Uninsured Rises to 43.6 Million

By Kate Randall

A Halloween Feast

Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

Vegetarian Advocate Israel Bans the Production of Foie Gras. Is America Next?

By Jack Rosenberger



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