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October 2001
Realize the Gift of this Moment


Realize the gift of this moment
its power of both fear and unknown can plunge us deeper into the self, the heart, God

Human life is a magnificent invitation ... to be alive is to be in the ocean of God where we can experience divine life…while we are in the fragile house of the body we have the potential to unlock the treasure of divinity which is inside us…it is like the moment of a butterfly balancing on the tip of a flower opening its luminescent wings…the next instant it takes off…a moment so precious that from it springs eternity

at this time of tremendous transition, when events seem to be pouring over Niagara Falls, we are grateful for our life…we participate in the agony of other human lives and we breathe gratitude for our own…through our own we are able to transform the life of the entire human family, even those who have passed…through the courageous leap into the core of our own life all life is advanced…how can we do this?…by speaking the truth, even in the small things, for the small brings us to the great…in this time it might be openly admitting our fears, or accepting the different floods of emotions, or looking deeper than the emotions to see what motivates them…asking ourselves what is the meaning of our life…truth will unveil itself in us…we are guided to make choices between what is truly important in our lives and what is diversion…things are clearer now because we are looking at the face of death, the death of all those in the buildings and planes and also the possibility of our own death…and death is the great teacher of life…in the presence of death we embrace the living in a new way and we embrace every moment in our own lives as a gift…thanking the one who gave us this gift…we are impelled to live what we already know and to seek deeper what we do not know…eventually we come to stand in the place of not knowing, no longer desiring to define or limit or cling to an already experienced moment…living in the open space of divine potential and complete commitment to the human heart…we ally ourselves with genuine spiritual teachers of the heart, those who have been working in the soil of human potential for the last ten, twenty and more years…those who have themselves experienced the bond with a living guide so that the flame of realization is passed on, heart to heart…upholders of the universal wisdom teachings given to us through the buddhas, the avatars, the prophets…we pray the prayers of love received from them…we pray them together with others ...we pray for all humanity and the entire beautiful creation…we pray for the leaders of this country and all peoples to be guided by divine wisdom and compassion…we meditate…contemplate…sit still in the ever unfolding moment of divine mercy…learning to see every event as mercy and sharing this seeing with others…we return to our parents in gratitude and strengthen the bond with our family…we value and nourish community…we leave off judging others, realizing that we cannot know what is inside them and we cannot know how God guides them and loves them and what good is brought to others through them ... we speak with people we had not spoken to before…we live generously…we reach out to the homeless, those in the street as well as the spiritually homeless…we cross borders…we erase borders …we seek to become selfless, not by force but through the natural unfolding of wisdom which teaches us that we truly have no separate selves…that one being alone exists and loves…and loves…and loves

Fariha Friedrich teaches at Masjid al Farah at 245 W. Broadway in Tribeca in New York City. She is presently the sheyk (spiritual head) of the Sufi lineage called Nur Ashki Jerrahi in America. Sufism is the mystical path of the heart of Islam. For more information, contact Sufi Books at 212-334-5212.


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