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October 2001
Editor’s Note


In the wake of the calamitous events of September 11th, the Satya staff decided to postpone the articles we had prepared for our October issue. Since everyone’s hearts and minds were grappling with the shocking destruction and loss of life, the topics of the planned articles seemed relatively meaningless. As we groped around for a way that Satya might address the disaster and despair, we kept coming back to one question: Where do we go from here? As people who are committed to ahimsa—a life of absolute nonviolence—how do we respond to the terrible violence we witnessed? How do we remain committed to nonviolence in the face of such devastation when the most obvious—and understandable—reaction is to strike back? Is it ethical to demand justice even if it involves violence? Why did this happen? And what role does religion play in it, if any?

As the foot of our beloved city smoldered, we decided that the service that Satya could provide would be to draw on voices to help us sort some of this out and look for ways to move forward. We asked a number of people to write their reflections, and we pored through tons of material from various points of view. What we’ve come up with is an assortment of essays and commentaries that we hope will help as you struggle with the questions we’re all asking.

So, where do we go from here? Just read on.

Catherine Clyne



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