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November 2005
Nov 2005 cover
On the Cover: The animals who lived in New Orleans are among the most needy victims of Hurricane Katrina. Photo by Pia Salk of

Editorial: Make Disparity History
By Sangamithra Iyer

The Lucky Few
By Miyun Park

Help Was Never on the Way
By Leana Stormont

To The Rescue! Hope for New Orleans’ Cats and Dogs
The Satya Interview with Jane Garrison

United Animal Nations’ Emergency Animal Rescue Service: Bringing Animals Out of Crisis and into Care

By Alexis Raymond

DIY Animal Rescue: Rescuing the Remaining Few
The Satya Interview with Andy Stepanian

Project HALO—Giving Animals Another Chance at Life
By Laura Guimond

Social Justice/ Environmental Concerns
Going Home
The Satya Interview with Dr. Beverly Wright

New Orleans and Women of Color: Connecting the Personal and Political
By Janelle L. White

A Force to Reckon With
The Satya Interview with Sally Huffer

God’s Wicked City
By Kymberlie Adams Matthews

It’s Not Easy Being Green, But We’re Trying
The Satya Interview with Paul Bogart

Listing Hope
By Maureen C. Wyse

Craig’s List and Katrina
The Satya Interview with Craig Newmark

Jazz Funeral
By Pattrice Jones

Dangerous Brew, Gorgeous Stew
By Joshua Ploeg

Tasty Treats on Broome Street
Restaurant Reviews by Maureen C. Wyse

A Turkey Named Adam
By Christine Morrissey

Vegetarian Advocate: A Truly Happy Turkey Day
By Jack Rosenberger

Bizarro by Dan Piraro

All This Talk About Honey
By Catherine Clyne

Feat of Clay
Film Review by Mark Hawthorne




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