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November/December 2003




Organic Wine “101”
By Stephanie Miller

Where to Dine with Fine Organic Wine

The Cup Floweth: An Introduction to Vegan Wine

By Catherine Clyne

Back to Basics: Frey’s Organic Wine
The Satya Interview with Jonathan Frey
By Stephanie Miller

No More Headaches? The Story of the Organic Wine Company
The Satya Interview with Veronique Raskin

Fine Wine that Respects Nature

By Chef Matteo

What’s in the Brew? An Introduction to Vegan Beer
By Catherine Clyne

A Brewery Grows in Brooklyn
The Satya Interview with Stephen Hindy

Belgian Brews
By Lydia Nichols

A Tale of a Culinary Activist
By Melinda Fox

Warming Up, From the Inside Out: Winter Dessert Drinks
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

Giving Thanks! An Autumnal Vegan Meal

Spotlight on Fur
The One That (Almost) Got Away: Why the Fur Trade is Coming Back and What We Can Do About It
By Norm Phelps

Seal Fur Increasing: True or Faux?

By Kymberlie Adams

A Suffering Thing
Book Review by Martin Rowe

Animal Charity: Give, Give, Give
By Jack Rosenberger

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