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November 2001


Editorial: Who's the Terrorist?
By Catherine Clyne

Doves and War Drums: Strong Words on Nonviolence
The Satya Interview with Colman McCarthy

Conscientious Objections
The Satya Interview with Joanne Sheehan

Releasing Muscle-Bound Memories
By David Drier

The Healer Within
By Marilyn Mendez Ladner

A Time to Heal…a Time to Dance?
By Diane Horbacewicz
Learning to Chill
By Boris Pisman

Doggy Heroes:
The Satya Interview with John Ziegler

Nutrition for Troubled Times
By Angela Starks

Time for a Ginseng Ginger Snap!
By Shelly “Lucky” Stein

Camino de Paz: What’s In A Name?
By Ariane Burgess

Comfort Foods for the Fall

Vegetarian Advocate: Support Pro-Vegetarian Organizations Now
By Jack Rosenberger



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