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May 1999


Editorial: Down With Bombs: A Fine Night for a Bombing
By Catherine Clyne

She Started on a Track—And Finished on a Plate!
By Susan Wagner
The crowds of people who attend horse races probably have no idea what the beautiful and well-trained horses competing go through in order to compete, and where most of them end up.

Until There's No Fight Left
By Vanessa Alford
Through no fault of their own, pit bulls have a bad reputation. For decades, they have been bred for fighting, trained to be aggressive and attack relentlessly, and rewarded for killing.

Can "Canned Hunts" Survive?
By Peter Muller
Canned hunting is different from regular hunting in a number of ways... the "preserve" is fenced so that the "target animals" have little chance of avoiding or fleeing from hunters... Hunting methods and weapon regulations do not apply on these privately owned lands.

Monsters of the Road
By Philip Goff
One of the reasons people say they need large pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles is because they feel safer. Yet while these vehicles may marginally enhance the safety of their privileged drivers, they put most other road users at much greater risk.



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