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May 2004
Note from the Editors

June 2004 will mark Satya’s tenth anniversary, and to celebrate, we’ve compiled in this issue some of our favorite articles, interviews and editorials.

At first, we thought we’d pick out a selection that best shows how unique Satya is and how much foresight it’s had over the years—articles and essays on Mad Cow Disease hitting U.S. shores from ten years ago; a 1999 series on the environmental impact of SUVs and their growing popularity; the disproportionate asthma levels in low-income non-white urban neighborhoods and the struggling movement for community gardens eight or more years ago. But there are so many, most of which are online now, we thought we’d let you rummage through the archives to pick out some of your own favorites.

Showcased here instead are long-time Satya friends and staff, and a revisiting of some our most favorite and memorable stories.

We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did compiling them. And we encourage you to visit our website(, share with us your thoughts, and read through old issues to discover for yourself just how special Satya is, and how much discussion is left to be had.

Catherine Clyne


Rachel Cernansky

Assistant Editor



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