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May 2003


Editorial: Musical Apes
By Catherine Clyne

Good Things Come in Small Packages
The Satya Interview with Janeane Garofalo

Rock-n-Roll Gets a Soul

By Anne Sullivan

Opening Eyes to Animal Rights—One Song at a Time
The Satya Interview with John Feldman

Not Your Average Wise Guy
The Satya Interview with Ted Rall

Slaughter for Profit
By Paris

“Tuning in:” Musings of a Conscious Artist

The Satya Interview with Saul Williams

El Puente: How Ricardo Arjona’s Music Helped Bridge My Cultural Divide
By Lawrence Carter-Long

Breaking Through Indifference

By Rachel Cernansky

Creating Novel Life Forms—Literally

The Satya Interview with Ruth Ozeki

Vegetarian Advocate: A New York Ban on Meat Consumption in the Workplace

By Jack Rosenberger




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