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May 2001

Editorial: Cabbages and Weeds: The Genius of Taxonomic Hierarchy
By Catherine Clyne

Fight, Flight or…Stew?
By Claudette Silver

Helping Animals to Heal Naturally through Nutrition and Touch
By Alecia Evans

Give Your Well-being a Boost with Biking
By Samantha Knowlden

Not Just Needles: A Little About Traditional Chinese Medicine
By Hillary Morris

Welfare and Liberation: Mutually Exclusive?
By Matt Ball

Chickens and Chimpanzees: the Odd Couple of the Animal Rights Movement
By Karen Davis

Canned Hunts: The Newest American “Sport”

By Diana Norris, Norm Phelps, and D. J. Schubert

Raw Power

Book Review by Angela Starks

Vegetarian Advocate: Diet and Health: Does it Matter What you Eat?
By Jack Rosenberger




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