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May 2000


Guest Editorial: Confessions of a Novice Infiltrator
By Jeff Lydon
For someone who doesn’t like to lie, I am very good at it. That afternoon, I was spitting out lies like cherry pits.

Taking on the "Sacred Cow": PCRM Challenges the Food Pyramid
The Satya Interview with Mindy Kursban
The Dietary Guidelines, including the Food Pyramid, affect all Americans in one way or another.

Taking a Stand for Vegans
The Satya Interview with Jerry Friedman
A long-time animal activist and vegan, Jerry Friedman, with lawyer Scott Myer, is now suing Kaiser Permanente for discrimination and battery based on dismissal because he would not submit to a vaccine containing animal products.

Environmental Justice: Working to Stop Malathion Spraying
By Joel R. Kupferman

The Emotive in Animal Rights Discourse
By Thomas G. Kelch
In our Western way of thinking, rationality and cool deliberation are the talismans of truth, the holy grail of all sensible arguments.

Changing the Legal Status of Chickens
By Karen Davis

Vegetarian Advocate: Foie Gras: Fur's Culinary Equivalent
By Jack Rosenberger



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