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March 1998
Love Bites


What happens when you cross-date (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Satya asked a few people for their stories.

When my girlfriend and I started going out she was the vegetarian. I was constantly teased by my friends and family that she was going to convert me. And she never did try to convert me. After about 5 years together, I came to the realization, completely on my own, that vegetarianism was the only spiritually defensible lifestyle. But I was still worried what my friends and family would say. The night I made the decision not to eat meat (without telling anyone), we went out to an Italian restaurant, and to prove to myself that I was not doing this because of her I orderd the meat tortellini carbonara. I realized right then and there how ridiculous I was and have since thrown societal pressure to the wind. I always consider that my first meal as a vegetarian.

 Jerome Hughes

His girlfriend, who is now his wife, replies:

Actually, I was trying to convert him. Subversive tactics can be quite effective.

Faith Kostel-Hughes

I am currently dating a meat-eater; she supports me but is not willing to make the leap--yet! We love to go to the diner. It's the only place in town that serves a killer gardenburger deluxe for me and a cheeseburger deluxe for her! I dined on this meal for months until we found out that the fries were cooked in beef fat. Hold the fries, please.

 Paul Regan

It's been my experience that the longer a vegetarian and a meat-eater date, the easier it becomes for the veggie. My last boyfriend was so sweet when we would go out to dinner he would always order us potato skins--half without bacon for me because he knew I was too shy to ask.

 Corinne Monaghan

I used to go with a meat-eater person once, and besides the occasional comment about rabbit chow, I thought he was okay with it. Then once I heard his friend comment about how I was kinda hefty for just eating vegetables all the time, and this guy says: "Well, cows don't eat meat either." I am now single.

 Ruby Sanchez

When I first started what I thought was going to be the relationship to last a lifetime, I began to feel that my vegetarian lifestyle was no longer a valid part of who I was. Consequently, I began to eat meat, and as the relationship progressed, I left vegetarianism completely. As I look back now, I can tell that I was only ignoring who I really am in order to stay with somebody too closed-minded to accept me--the real, vegetarian me. I think that, as I grow older and wiser, my commitment to being vegetarian is so much more than just not eating meat, and whoever I'm with, if they truly want to be with me, will appreciate that. Being in a relationship should enhance who you are, and if the person's right for you, they'll accept you--veggies, tofu, and all.

 Lauri Hengl-Buchbaum


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