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March 2003


Editorial: Maintain Your Sense of Humor… By Any Means Necessary!
By Catherine Clyne

Peace As Preventive Medicine
The Satya Interview with Dr. Victor Sidel

Doctors Without Borders: Not Your Typical House Call
The Satya Interview with Brigg Reilly

Mining for Morality
The Satya Interview with Mary Wareham

A Bird’s Eye View of Americans

The Satya Interview with Mark Hertsgaard

Vegetarian Advocate: Confessions of a Polite Vegetarian
By Jack Rosenberger

Biblical Animal Rights? The Dominion of Love: Animal Rights According to the Bible by Norm Phelps
Book Review by Karen Davis, Ph.D.

Widening the Debate About Animals: Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy by Matthew Scully
Book Review by Karen Davis, Ph.D.



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