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June 1999


Editorial: Signs of the Future
By Martin Rowe

"At Home" With Artist Sue Coe
By Catherine Clyne
Those familiar with the darkly expressive and socially engaged art of Sue Coe might expect her to be all sorts of things that she's not: somber, serious or withdrawn.

A Bad Month for the Gene Giants
By Ronnie Cummins and Ben Lilliston
Monsanto and the Gene Giants suffered another disasterous 45 days from March to mid-April. If the biotech industry thought that the worst of their public relations nightmares were over, they were wrong.

A Site for Sore Eyes
By Barbara Stagno and Joyce Friedman
On Tuesday, April 27, 1999, at approximately 1:20pm, two men climbed out of an eighth floor window of New York University's Main Building, overlooking Washington Square Park. Carefully and deliberately, they went about their work, maneuvering ropes and other equipment.... But soon suspicions were aroused.

Vegetarian Alert: Feds Seek to Kill Seals and Sea Lions
By Jack Rosenberger
The National Marine Fisheries Services wants to kill. More specifically, it wants to kill California sea lions and Pacific Harbor seals. Of course, the NMFS doesn't describe its murderous intent as bluntly as I do. Its preferred lingo is "lethal removal."

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