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June/July 2002

Editorial: What’s so bad About World Domination?
By Catherine Clyne

USDA Stamp Isn’t Worth the Carcass It’s Printed On
By Gail A. Eisnitz

Fast Food: Eating Ourselves to Death
By Rachel Cernansky

Would you Like Fries with those Lies?

The Satya Interview with Bruce Friedrich

Minimum Wage Warrior

By Meg Murphy

Special Section: Animals and the Holocaust: Reviews of Eternal Treblinka

Book Reviews by:
Karen Davis
Beth Gould
Norm Phelps

Roberta Kalechofsky
Jack Rosenberger
Richard H. Schwartz

Ten Symbols of What’s Right in the World
By Claudette Silver

A Dog’s Worth
By Lawrence Carter-Long

Activism Works! Occidental Petroleum Abandons Oil Development on U’Wa Land

You Say “Tomato,” I say “Technology”
By Tracy VanStaalduinen

Vegetarian Advocate: Deep Trouble: The Ecological Cost of Overfishing
By Jack Vegetarianberger


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