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June 2000


Editorial: Who Wants to be a Rock Star?
By Catherine Clyne

The View From Up Here: Listening to and Learning From Trees
By Nate Madsen
I’ve lived in Homboldt County, Northern California, for about 10 years and have witnessed the destruction of the forest all around.

Navajo Citizens Oppose Uranium Mining on Environmental Justice Grounds
By Lila Bird
Navajo citizens were concerned that the proposed uranium mining operations would contaminate their land, air and water.

Raised in Fear: Monkey Experiments are Funded at Taxpayers’ Expense
By Scott Lustig
For over 30 years at the State University of New York (SUNY) Health Science Center in Brooklyn, Professor Leonard Rosenblum has been tearing baby monkeys away from their mothers to induce anxiety, panic and depression.

Green Chimneys: Making the World a Better Place
By Samuel B. Ross
The original idea of Green Chimneys was to integrate children and animals to provide a unique therapeutic experience.

Vegetarian Advocate: Redbook Disses Vegetarianism
By Jack Rosenberger



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