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June/July 2007
Photo Essay by Tim Rusmisel

Some pigs love to play with soccer balls. Some cows love to play a game that looks like tag. Some sheep love back massages. Some turkeys love to fall asleep while having their neck scratched.

These animals share one thing in common. They are all individuals. They are not unfeeling objects, as the factory farming industry would have you believe. Just as these animals love to play and enjoy things they also experience boredom, fear and pain. Please take a moment to look into the eyes of these animals and reflect on any experience you have had when an animal proved their individuality and intelligence to you. Any experience you have witnessed was not a fluke. Every animal has the capacity to enjoy comfort and know happiness. As you look into their eyes please begin to take steps toward letting go of the idea that certain animals are here to be our food. Every single animal who died to become food could have had had favorite things, could have had friends and could have enjoyed playing in the sun. Instead they suffer. You have a choice. Please go vegan.

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Tim Rusmisel is a photographer and political activist living in Southern California. As an artist, he is committed to using strictly vegan methods, delving into both current digital technology as well as early 19th century processes. Contact the artist at

Rescued from a stockyard “dead” pile along with his brother, Punky Doodle now gets to run and jump and play at Animal Acres farm animal sanctuary in Acton, CA.
Mooch waiting for a massage.