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July 1999
Editorial: West Meets East—Vegetarians and the Dalai Lama
By Catherine Clyne

The Transformation of Yoga
By Amy Priest
For 20 years I practiced these disciplines which encourage compassion for others and us. But I didn't really think about animals until one opened my heart.

Kundalini Yoga: The Yoga of Awareness
By Deborah Clapp
I have been teaching kundalini yoga for over 18 years... and I still get a joyful, faster heartbeat as I pass on the basic instructions to my students.

Rediscovering the Reason for Yoga
By Claudette Silver
When I started, I had no idea that [yoga] would grab hold of me so tightly, right in the gut, and that I would travel all the way to India to celebrate the birthday of a man I have never met.

A Yogic Odyssey: Excercising Spirit and Body in Gotham
By Mia MacDonald
A search for physical and spiritual engagement.

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