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July 1997
Summer, Sun and Sand

By Julie Hughes


The summertime is a great time to leave the hot pavement of the city and head out to the sun and surf of the beach. New York City alone has 14.3 miles of beaches. If you prefer more of a country scene, head out to Long Island; it's a nice train ride and the beaches tend to be cleaner. Below you'll find a list of the best beaches in New York. Enjoy, but don't forget your sunscreen!

Public Beaches


1. Coney Island - Take the D, B, F or N train and exit at Stillwell Avenue.
2. Brighton Beach - Take the D or Q to Brighton Beach stop.


1. Riis Park -ěTake the A train to last stop, Rockaway Park, and then you'll have a bit of a walk; ask the token booth attendant for directions.
2. Rockaway Beach - Take the A train to last stop, Rockaway Park.


1. Orchard Beach - Take the 6 train to Pelham Bay Park and walk across the park to the beach.

Staten Island

1. Wolfe's Pond Park
2. Great Kills Park
3. Midland Beach
4. South Beach
These beaches are hard to get to by public transportation. Call the MTA (see information below) for transportation details.

Long Island Beaches

1. Jones Beach State Park - (516-785-1600) Jones Beach has a two mile boardwalk, concert theater, bike path and over 2,000 acres of beach and is open to the public. Directions: take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) from Penn Station to Freeport Station. From the station you'll find a bus that will take you to the beach - tell the driver your destination is Jones beach. Admission is free.

2. Robert Moses State Park - (516-669-0449) This park contains a six-mile beach which is located just before Fire Island in Suffolk County. Directions: take the LIRR to the Babylon station; buses are available at the station which take you to the beach; indicate to the driver where you are going.

3. Lido Beach - (516-431-6650) This resident beach has 1,554 feet of ocean. Since it's a private beach, there is a daily vehicular fee of $12. If you walk in, however, a spokesperson assured me that it is free. Directions: take the LIRR to Long Beach stop, then board bus to Point Look-Out.

4. Long Beach - (516-584-9684) This beautiful, private, 300-foot beach is located in Suffolk County. Take the LIRR to Long Beach stop.

For information on directions and hours of operation, call 1. Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau - 516-951-3440 2. New York City Convention and Visitors Bureau - 212-397-8222 3. Travel Information Center (for Long Island) - 516-766-6722 4. The Metropolitan Transit Authority - 718-330-1234

Some additional information. 

Unfortunately, beaches are not all sun, sand and frivolity. Below is a list of some of the more unusual things found last year alone during clean-ups of New York beaches.

shotgun shells

crack vial

drug paraphernalia

high chair

cat litter



whoopee cushion

chimney trap

dog skeletons buried in garbage bags

medical waste


French Reese's pieces wrapper



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