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July/August 2001

Editorial: In the Cat World, There's no Room for Stress
By Catherine Clyne

Activism and the Perils of Burnout: Learning to Take Care of Ourselves
By Carol Adams and Mary Lou Randour

Problem Solver and Seed Sower
The Satya Interview with Sarah Seeds

The "B" Word
By Redwood Mary

Rediscovering Wholeness: The Nature Connection
The Satya Interview with Michael J. Cohen

How Does One Survive Dealing Day After Day with a Cruel Industry?

By Karen Davis

Bearing the Unbearable
By Norm Phelps

From the Heart: Hope is the Answer When Things are Grim
By Marc Bekoff

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

By Bruce Friedrich

Knead Your Stress Away
By Charles Margulis

Confessions of an
By Jack Norris

Tips for Preventing Burnou
By Joan Zacharias

The Watchdog

By Robert Cohen





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