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January 1999


Editorial: The Horne of a Dilemma By Martin Rowe

Around Latin America

Surinam Maroons Say No to Multinational Logging
By the Forest Peoples Programme
Surinam, on the morth-eastern corner of South America, has the dubious distinction of having no laws protecting its indigenous populations.

Hato Pinero: One Solution in a Complicated World By Lynne E. Miller
Cattle ranching and ecotourism have gotten a lot of bad press recently.... Managed carefully and effectively, however, cattle ranching and ecotourism can do a great deal to preserve certain ecosystems. Hato Pinero provides one example.

Keeping the Blood Flowing: Indigenous Resistance in Chile and Columbia
By Vanessa Alford
The ancestral land of the Pehuenche, an indigeous tribe, is currently at risk of being destroyed.

The View from a Tree: The Satya Interview: Julia Butterfly Hill By Louis Gedo
On December 10, 1998, Julia Butterfly Hill celebrated her one year anniversary living on a platform in a 1000 year-old redwood tree named Luna in the last remaining old-growth forest near the town of Stafford, California.



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