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January/February 2004

While reading this issue on companion animals, some will notice that the topic of animal rescue is not addressed in depth. For more information on animal rescue, please see our To the Rescue! issue from February 2001.

See Me, Hear Me
One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter

By Diane Leigh and Marilee Geyer

Stories of Rescue and Rehab
By Kymberlie Adams Matthews

NYC Animal Care and Control: New Name, New Face, New Philosophy
The Satya Interview with Ed Boks

What’s Really in Pet Food?
A Report by the Animal Protection Institute

A Few Words About “Natural” Pet Foods
By Catherine Clyne

Mad Cow Roundup: BSE and the Food Chain

Raising Consciousness, Yoga-Style

The Satya Interview with Sharon Gannon

What's in a Word?

By Lawrence Carter-Long

NYC Bill to Expand Tenants’ Rights to Have Companion Animals
By Marisa Miller

Cold-blooded: Our Treatment of Reptiles
The Satya Interview with John Behler

Taking on the Care of Turtles
By Linda Gould

Here Kitty…Kitty… Big Cats and the Law
By Nicole Paquette

What is Animal Cruelty?
By Kristi Adams

Killing With Kindness: Into the Mind of an Animal Hoarder
By Kymberlie Adams Matthews

Clear Your Conscience, Cat Lover

By Celeste DiFelici

Why Vegans Should Have Vegan Cats: A Moral Case
By Jed Gillen

Rumblings in the South: Race, “Free” Trade, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez
By Greg Palast

FTAA: Trading Away Our Right to Protect Animals
By Michael Greger

Otter Things in California

By David Helvarg

Free Free: The Case of Jeff Luers
By Dylan Kay

Imagining: An Exercise in Interconnectedness
By Carol Moon

Ten Signs of Hope for the Animal Rights Movement
By Bruce Friedrich

By Nephyr Jacobsen

Vegetarian Advocate: Getting Beefy with the American Cancer Society
By Jack Rosenberger

Delicious Food to Honor a Righteous Man!
By Joshua Ploeg



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