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December 1999/
January 2000

Editorial: The Future of the World
By Martin Rowe

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very excited about this millennium thing. After all, when in my little corner of the world it becomes the year 2000, it will be 5760 (to the Jews), 1420 (to the Muslims), the 16th year in the 78th cycle in the Chinese calendar, 6712 in the Julian calendar, 2525 to the Jains, and to the Hindus merely another turn of the cycle of the Age of Kali.

The Man Who Plants Trees
The Satya Interview with David Kidd
Vietnam veteran, Transcendental Meditation teacher, and vegetarian, David Kidd is also the coordinator of an extraordinary community movement to plant trees throughout America.

Genetic Engineering: Why We Need a Global Moratorium
By Ronnie Cummins
The technology of genetic engineering (GE) is the practice of altering or disrupting the genetic blueprints of living organisms, patenting them, and then selling the resulting gene-foods, seeds, or other products for profit.

Environmental Justice and Healthy Communities in the 21st Century
By Peggy M. Shepard
Communities of color in the urban environment have special characteristics.

Sustainable Cities: Modes and Strategies for the 21st Century
By Phil Goff
Sustainability” is a word that is thrown around quite a lot these days.“Sustainable cities” in my view allow their residents to live without the environmental hazards of air and water pollution, maintain access to nature, and protect nearby farming communities.

The Animals' Millennium
By Ingrid Newkirk
After the toasts, let’s get out the elbow grease.What happens in the new millennium isn’t a matter of hope, a land of wishes and dreams, or a crystal ball type of thing. It is a practical, almost quantifiable, matter.

A New Science for the 21st Century
By Bernard E. Rollin
For most of the 20th century, science has been captured by erroneous philosophical assumptions that hardened into unquestioned ideology.

Re-falling in Love with What we Care About
By Rae Sikora
The areas of vegetarianism, environmentalism, and animal advocacy will only spread to the larger community if we share with each other in an inviting rather than a fighting mode.

Animals and Science, The Next Two Decades
By Niall Shanks
How will animals be used in science over the next 20 years? Forecasting the future history of science—especially biomedical science—is an inherently risky business.

Your Burger or Your Car? Human Addiction and Global Sustainability

By Mia MacDonald
Which addiction will be easier for us to give up, meat or petroleum?” This question, asked at a meeting in San Francisco earlier this year defies easy answers.


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